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Dwarf-winged-burning-bush, dwarf burning bush euonymus alatus 'compactus' sku #3360. a sensational accent or natural hedge prized for its intense scarlet red fall coloring. the interesting, compact, mounded form displays attractive rich green leaves spring through summer. exceptional when featured en masse, at the foreground of larger conifers or evergreen shrubs.. Dwarf winged burning bush is a dense multi-stemmed deciduous shrub with a more or less rounded form. its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer or coarser trees or shrubs for an effective composition., euonymus alatus, known variously as winged spindle, winged euonymus, or burning bush, is a species of flowering plant in the family celastraceae, native to central and northern china, japan, and korea.. the common name "burning bush" comes from the bright red fall color. it is a popular ornamental plant in gardens and parks due to its bright pink or orange fruit and attractive fall color..

How to plant a dwarf burning bush. dwarf burning bush (euonymus alatus "compactus") illuminates gardens in u.s. department of agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 8 with weeks of brilliant ..., the winged burning bush is an ornamental plant with exceptional fall color. one would look great as a border or foundation planting in your yard, or even as an informal hedge. imagine an ornamental shrub in your yard that is extremely hardy, won't require any special care and readily adapts to almost any size and shape that you prefer..

Euonymus alatus, commonly called winged euonymus, burning bush, winged burning bush or winged spindle tree, is a dense, mounded, spreading, flat-topped, multi-stemmed shrub that is particularly noted for its fiery red fall foliage color. it is native to forests, woodlands and scrub areas in eastern russia, japan, china and korea., feb 20, 2019 - explore sam41006's board "dwarf burning bush" on pinterest. see more ideas about dwarf burning bush, burning bush, shrubs..

Growth rate of a dwarf burning bush. burning bushes (euonymus alatus) have muted green leaves until autumn, when the formerly subtle foliage turns a brilliant shade of scarlet, making it look as ..., burning bush plants may get 9 to 15 feet (2.5 – 4.5 m.) tall and are suitable for full sun to partial sun locations. any soil type, including alkaline , may support burning bush growth. however, when growing burning bush, it’s best to place the shrub in sites with excellent drainage but lightly moist soil..

Burning bush (also known as euonymus alatus) is a dramatic addition to any garden or landscape.while it is a popular shrub, burning bush is also a shrub that is prone to “overgrowing” its space. the health of a burning bush plant does not rely on regular burning bush pruning, the desired size and shape of the plant does.