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Jade-bush-beans, like the gem it is named for, this exquisite bean is a lush green. the plants are strong and erect and typically do not need staking. beans can be harvested at any point in development without sacrificing color or flavor. we always plant some jade as an interesting counterpoint to the lighter shaded beans.. Jade bush bean is an open-pollinated bush bean variety known for it’s high productivity in the most stressful environmental conditions. it is very heat-tolerant and will continue producing well into the warmer months. it is also relatively cold-tolerant and will continue to produce into fall when temperatures cool., jade's 6-7", slender, deep green pods are exceptionally tender and delicious. large, upright plants keep beans clean and straight. heat tolerant and high yielding even under heat or cold stress. high resistance to bean mosaic virus; and intermediate resistance to bacterial brown spot, curly top beet mosaic virus, and rust..

Resilient to cold weather, and taking hot weather like a champ this bean produces through it all. an upcoming favorite for many gardeners as well as many small market growers. plants produce beans in large clusters, maturing all around the same time measuring around 7 inches in length at full size. stringless and dark green in color., remarkably flavorful, straight, slender, extra long, 6-7" pods have a remarkably rich green color. vigorous, upright plants keep the pods clean and straight. produces for a long time providing lots of delicious beans for fresh use, freezing or canning. exceptional yields even when stressed by heat or cold..

Bush type plant produces high yields of 7" long deep green beans. this gourmet bean is one of the best-tasting beans ever grown., the jade bush bean produces long and tender 7" long dark green beans. - easy to grow and matures quickly - can tolerate high temperatures - very sweet and tender - one of the best tasting bush beans!.

Beans - bush. sowing rate: 2 oz/57 g sows 18 ft/6 m of row; 1/2 lb/227 g sows 75 ft/23 m; 60-80 lbs/27-36 kg per acre depending on variety. most growers plan for 100,000-105,000 live plants per acre by sowing 110,000-115,000 seeds per acre @ 90% germ. culture: sow every 10 days - from may 20th. (use treated seed for early sowings) providing the soil temperature is 60°f/16°c until july 30th., jade is a revolutionary bean with excellent flavor. the jade bean is perfect for the home garden. this bean plant gives you long, round, straight pods that have excellent color, flavor, and high yield potential. excellent taste and easy to grow.