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Beaver-bush-plane, the beaver's versatility and performance led to it being the preferred aircraft of bush pilots servicing remote locations in the canadian north, and it is considered by aviation historians to be a canadian icon.. The beaver bush plane at home in ontario captures this remarkable aircraft in the environment that it was originally designed for--the rugged and unforgiving north country! the book is hardcover with 136 glossy pages, in an 11" x8-1/2" landscape format. isbn 0-9686597-0-5. signed by authors. $45.00. paypal accepted., officially known as the de havilland canada dhc-2 mki beaver, the aircraft was meticulously designed as a purpose-built bush airplane capable of carrying heavy loads into confined, and sometimes rough, areas. conceived and built in downsview, ontario, canada, much of the beaver’s early flight testing was done on floats..

The dehavilland beaver was designed as a serious, no-nonsense bush plane and this philosophy is well reflected in its functional, though rugged cockpit. the beaver is not a dainty little airplane that appeals to nair-do-wells. it is a large barrel-chested plane that looks quite capable of eating cessnas and super cubs as mere snacks., all aircraft are good, or else they wouldn't land safely; only a few become legends, such as the douglas dc - 3 and the de havilland beaver, the world's greatest bush plane built in canada at downsview, ontario, from 1947 to 1967..

The de havilland beaver is probably to most recognizable single engine bush plane in existence.   any time you are around a body or water, on a snow covered mountain or practically anywhere close to bush country, you will see beavers at work., the quintessential alaska bush plane, the dehavilland beaver occupies a seat of honor in the annals of aviation history. perhaps no other airplane ever built has seen such a long career, and proven to be as indispensable today as it was when developed over 65 years ago..

The history of the d-fvip - beaver is rather sad. it does no longer exist, because it crashed in in the harbor of hamburg in july 2006 with 6 passengers on board. 4 men died, among them a12 year old boy. the flight was his anniversary present. the engine failed and the pilot tried to get her down on the water in the harbor but he didn't succeed., the beaver is the quintessential alaska bush plane. yes, a canadian company built it, but it has truly found a home in alaska. the throaty roar of it’s 450-horse wasp jr. radial engine and it’s unmistakable silhouette against a clear autumn sky are the essence of bush alaska. it’s the ultimate muscle car of the skies..

1961 dhc-2 mk1, tt 15,000, smoh 20, spoh 20, cabin extension and alaska door, aircraft has been extensively rebuilt with new skins, overhauled components and upgrade stc’s., bird cage inspection 04/2018, fresh annual with sale,will consider trading down for clean c-180 or c-185 or even a nice sup...