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Bushing-current-transformers, bushing-type current transformers (bct) instrument transformers, inc. is a recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of instrument transformers. as part of iti™s product scope, the company produces a diversified range of bushing current transformers. bct which are installed on 600 volt, and higher electrical systems.. Overview. bushing current transformers (bcts) are used for a variety of measuring, revenue metering and protection applications. peak demand bcts are designed and manufactured in accordance to customer specifications and can be tested to the applicable ieee, iec or gost standards., dimensions for models 780r, 781r, 785r, and 786r. model. t (inches) 780r. 781r. 785r. 786r. 3.38. 3.38. 6.75. 6.75. mounting brackets.

Bushing current transformers. narayan has a range of bushing cts –indoor- taped, plastic cased and potted and resin casted as well as outdoor- ss cased and resin potted and resin casted, outline electrical parameters are as below: primary current rating up to 20,000 amps., instrument transformers outdoor bushing current transformer (obct) single and multi-ratio, externally mounted the outdoor bushing current transformer (obct) is used for. The gct-848 indoor/outdoor, board-mounted generator current transformer is a 600 v, 10 kv bil rated unit and designed to fit over a variety of specified bushing sizes.