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Female-holly-bush, male and female holly flowers grow on different plants. although some plants may be tagged with their particular sex, this is rarely the case. therefore, it is oftentimes up to you to determine the difference. this is not an easy task. it is nearly impossible to distinguish the male and female holly bush prior to blooming.. Holly bushes (ilex aquifolium) are often grown for their attractive red berries, but it is only the female bushes that produce this fruit.but the berries won't be produced at all unless there is also a male holly bush in the area to pollinate the female flowers., how to identify the difference between male & female holly bushes a male-flowering holly bush is necessary in order for female hollies to bear fruit. john foxx/stockbyte/getty images.

For hollies to cross-pollinate and bear fruit, male and female holly bushes must be planted near each other. the male and female are slightly different and should be clearly labeled when the seedlings are acquired. male plants bear no fruit but can pollinate several female trees. there are several species of holly, ..., identify the difference between male & female holly bushes. look for any labeling or naming on the holly that could give the plant away, especially if the plant is still in or was previously kept in a nursery. some nurseries or suppliers sell only female-flowering hollies. inspect any flowers that appear on the holly bush..

Uncovering the unique and different types of holly bushes. when talking about holly bushes, most people don't know that the berries on these bushes were so useful that they were actually cultivated in medieval europe to provide food for cattle.