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Top-hat-blueberry-bush, the top hat blueberry bush is a dwarf hybrid that is 18 inches tall and wide when fully mature. its small size is perfect for growing in a container. patience is key when planting and caring for blueberries, because they take three years to produce fruit.. (2 gallon) top hat dwarf blueberry bush - amazing dwarf variety. self pollinating, prolific producer of full-size, delectable fruit that can be eaten fresh or used for cooking., vaccinium x 'top hat' sku #3798 this compact, cold hardy dwarf shrub provides a show of plentiful white flowers followed by delicious, pea-sized light blue fruit. foliage becomes bright red and orange before dropping in fall..

We've groomed and nurtured the top hat blueberry to perfection, so when you receive yours' - just plant it and watch it deliver bright blueberries quickly. it's self-pollinating, but you'll get a lot more fruit if you couple it with another blueberry bush planted nearby. we have a large selection that pair perfectly with the top hat., take, for example, the top hat dwarf blueberry. hirt's says in the product information that it's self-fertile, not requiring another plant of a different cultivar to produce berries. this is technically true, and a healthy top hat will give you a few blueberries even if it's the only blueberry plant on the block..

Hats off to a perfectly delectable and beauteous blueberry. give this ornamental blueberry a prime spot on your patio. come spring it produces beautiful white blossoms; in fall, the foliage turns a pretty glowing orange. top hat is a compact 2-ft plant that produces firm, dusky blue fruit that ripens in late season and is ideal for baking., top hat blueberry tophat blueberry is a recent dwarf blueberry variety released by the michigan state experiment station. the miniature bush plants grow only 2' tall and about 12'' in diameter. the tophat blueberries are medium large, bright blue, firm, with good flavor and ripen in august..

Top hat is the result of crossing a short stature highbush with a compact, small lowbush blueberry. plentiful white blooms in spring give way to attractive light blueberries that are pea sized and larger. top hat is perfect for defined border plantings or growing in patio containers. it also makes an excellent candidate for a bonsai project., the dwarf tophat blueberry bush plant grows to a height of 1 to 2 feet and spreads upto 1 to 2 feet across. dwarf tophat blueberry plants prefer well-drained sandy soil with a ph of 4.0 to 4.5. mixing compost, peat moss, leaf mold or manure helps to enhance the richness of soil..

I live in the hudson valley region of ny, and have a 1 year old "top hat" blueberry bush in a pot on my deck. it has not produced flowers or berries yet. should i move it indoors for the winter? or do anything special if leaving it outside ...